1600 Atria Lane
Newland, North Carolina NC 28657
Price: $4,847,000
Mortgage Calculator
MLS#: 189689
Status: Active
Bedrooms: 8 Bed
Total Baths: 11 Bath
Full Baths: 9 Bath
Partial Baths: 2 Bath
Square Feet: 12,414 Sq Ft
Acres: 36.330 Acres
Year Built: 2013

If at any time you wish more comprehensive information about this exquisite mountain residence including floor plans, systems schematics, additional photos please visit http://www.autumnridgenc.com/ . When Jim Atria built Autumn Ridge at the summit of Yellow Mountain Preserve, he set the standard for the very best of Southern Blue Ridge Mountain resort residences. Without even addressing the exquisite amenities and structural soundness of this magnificent residence – to sit or stand on any point of this land is a full kinesthetic experience. The first thing you'll love about Autumn Ridge which crowns the exclusive and majestic Yellow Mountain Preserve is its setting amidst 27,000 acres of conservancy lands – federal, state and local. This estate is 12,000 heated, finished square feet perched above the Blue Ridge Mountains. An important nuance of the area immediately surrounding the home is its view and watershed status in North Carolina and Tennessee. Such status translates to no timber cutting which could affect view and surface water. The private trail connects you to both Yellow Mountain bald and the Appalachian Trail. The conservancy status ensures your continuing ability to maintain the trail up to these resources. Autumn Ridge is set on the west side of Big Yellow Mountain and overlooks Grassy Ridge which is one of the highest mountain east of the Rockies. The view overlooks the Appalachian Trail coming out of Roan Mountain. The conservancies continue to add large tracks to their assembly along roaring Creek Road, thus assuring continuity of this exquisite natural enclave. Autumn Ridge enjoys a 270° almost panoramic view, which includes not only long-range, 50-mile views but immediate ridgelines as well as beautiful feathered vistas undulating to the horizon. In the most scorching heat waves of summer, while all is sweltering in the Piedmont and Florida the mercury will likely climb no higher than the 70s. Autumn Ridge is set on 36 of the highest most beautiful acres in all of Yellow Mountain Preserve. This pristine mountain offers unparalleled hunting, fishing, hiking, bouldering, rock-climbing, four-wheeling and myriad other inestimable natural opportunities. Access to civilization include less than thirty minutes’ access either to either Banner Elk or Spruce Pine. Boone is a mere forty-five minutes while the larger metro areas of Asheville and Johnson City are an hour and fifteen minutes. Charlotte’s airport is an easy two-hour commute. Let’s look at the home itself now. I’ll be guiding you on this tour from the first level up – as you would see it were you accompanying me on a showing. One thing to recognize up front is that the owner is a commercial real estate contractor who left no stone unturned in his quest for uncompromising quality of construction in Autumn Ridge. One small example is the exterior decking skirting the entire first level. Rather than using concrete, tile or nailed boards, this wooden decking is screwed allowing easy access to the crawl space – if ever required. Every aspect of this home’s design is with ease and practicability of future maintenance in mind. He also felt that natural product like wood would withstand the exigencies of weather at this elevation. The more you tour this home the more you will appreciate the endless amount of thought that went into its design so as to anticipate the challenges of nature and maximize the occupants comfort and enjoyment. Skirting one of these decks on the lower level is a Generac 10 cylinder 370 kVA (Low-RPM) generator capable of easily support the entire house in an outage. Set to function at 1800 RPM, this high-efficiency generator can provide you with comfortable quiet power for weeks. The likelihood of such a lengthy requirement is infinitesimally unlikely but the man who designed and constructed this home prefers preparation to predicaments. Autumn Ridge is built on solid granite so you’ll never need worry about foundation issues, questionable fill-dirt base or future problems common with lesser-engineered designs. The stone bordering all of the column surrounding the deck is locally sourced 6 inch thick hand-carved and similarly, locally-sourced granite. The exterior railings are locally-sourced, hand-welded, hot-dipped, galvanized, powder-coated steel. That’s a long sentence – but touch them once and you’ll feel the quality. The water for the house is spring-fed into an 1800-gallon holding tank. Then the water is pumped up to the house into a separate 1200-gallon reservoir. The home is prepared with both green and gray water supplies. The green water system which comes off the roof is chlorinated and used for outside lawn maintenance and flushing. The potable water funnels through an elaborate self-purging/self-cleaning sand and charcoal filtering system before going to the main potable water holding tank. The potable water then proceeds through an ultraviolet water purification system. The plumbing schematic allows for plumbing contractors to isolate elements of the water system in many different areas of the home while addressing issues. The heating system is a five-zone radiant hot water heating system with 28 different thermostats! This is fed by a 2000-gallon, propane tank for virtually limitless operation. The heating system is redundant both hot air and hydronic as well as fuel source electricity and propane. Every floor has its own electrical panel. That’s a lot said about the interior of the home without even darkening the door. Let’s cross the threshold as it were but let’s do it the way we would if we actually lived here. Let’s drive into the garage. You might even feel uncomfortable driving onto the fine indoor-outdoor carpet surface. The garage doubles as a family room – so well is it finished, trimmed with finish edges and heated. Sometimes, Jim will park his vehicles outside so he can preserve this space for his toys! The utility room for example is finished with a beautiful slate tile floor, appointed with nice wood trim and ornate solid six-panel and two-panel doors. All wet areas in the home you note have very handy and perfectly graded floor drains. Heating system includes electronic ozone filters. A steam-generating system adds humidity to the forced-air heating system (while fool with dry sinuses in winter or toy batch humidifiers?). The home boasts a commercial Internet package with dual-band Wi-Fi. The commercial rack supports easy handling of any wiring cable related to the Internet communications throughout the entire home. The “Engenius” long distance landline allows five-mile communications. Forward your cell phone to the land line and never miss a call no matter where your wanderlust takes you. Throughout the home, heat exchangers pre-condition the air before it reaches the central HVAC system. This HVAC system handles not only temperature but humidity. Virtually all systems in this home are manipulable remotely by smartphone. See smartphone controls to understand the wide array of systems that are manageable remotely through the system. Throughout the home numerous access panels exist in the ceiling to access on every level the space between the floors for maintenance and utility. These ubiquitous service panels are thoughtfully, inconspicuously located behind doors to remain aesthetically unobtrusive (until needed!). When we emerge from the garage/recreation room into the main home on the entry level you will have your first glimpse of the exquisite floors. Floors are gorgeous, hand-scraped, pre-treated, engineered, Hickory floors. Engineered floor systems are perfect for radiant-heating and avoid in such an environment the movement, shrinkage or deterioration often experienced with ordinary hardwood. Again, this is another example of a well-planned home anticipating and eluding future difficulties. Emerging from the ornate garage recreation room the first space we enter is currently an exercise/wellness space. Entry-level ceiling height is nine and a half feet throughout. This level also includes the utility room and a massive home theater with two rows of sumptuous overstuffed theater seating. Home theater includes a 120 inch screen, stage lightingscape with technical theater battens for creative lighting experiences and is fully functional and often used by their grandchildren as a discotheque. Throughout the home all of the walls and ceilings are 5/8” fire-rated, sheet-rock including floor. The front row of the theater are five individual, overstuffed, reclining seats. The second row is tiered to include three separate love seats all with drink receptacles. Appointing the theater is carpet with wood trim and wall sconces and overhead battens for stage lighting. Throughout the home are 7-foot, sliding barn doors for rustic effect and privacy. Off the deck is the so-called mudroom which is a direct-entry to the slope-tile floor of a large shower which transitions into a powder room and future sauna. Off of the utility room is a backup kitchen prep room for preparing for parties. All of the lumber and wood for the interior the home were timbered directly off of the property including the wormy oak. Throughout the home are 220-year-old, treated, renovated, tobacco-barn wood. Entry-level includes an elevator with aesthetic wood-glass door that takes you to all four levels. Most closets and every bathroom include a motion-sensor that automatically activates the light. Most closets contain built-in wood shelving and all of the interior wood is processed with a non-VOC, vinegar and steel wool application that reveals the natural beauty and grain of the wood. “Russound” is a multi-source, multi-room sound system that directs different programs simultaneously into different spaces at your pleasure. This feature is easily, instantly and remotely programmable through an app on your smartphone. Similarly throughout the entire home runs a robust security camera system including 12 separate cameras on two different systems. One is for the owners’ use and one is for the police. The police system is doubly-redundant which is monitored by two sources both via the phone as well as the Internet. It's easy to arm and disarm remotely. Staircases throughout the home are of large stout oaken tread with massive risers and woodwork appointed by the beautiful, hot-dipped, galvanized, powder-coated, steel rails. Entrances to the staircase on all levels are very attractive, pet and child-proof, custom-made, wood-metal gates. Let’s now open this and climb to the second level where we emerge at a game room and large bar area. Off to the left is a large private library with a set of three sliding large wooden barn doors for sequestering the space from the rest of this level. This is additionally attractive because directly adjacent and inside the barn doors is a large guest bedroom suite so that one can be sequestered entirely in a large suite replete with private library while others mingle outside. All rooms throughout the home have high-efficiency recessed fluorescent high hat lighting. As with all bedrooms in this home, this one has its own private full bath and walk-in closet. Actually every closet in this 88-room home is a walk-in closet. Are you beginning to see the dimension of this home and its depth of quality? I can tell you by this point in my tour I was beginning to stagger under the immensity of the quality and space of this home! You’ll grow to enjoy knowing that entering any bathroom in the home triggers a motion detector activating the lights conveniently. And each bath has a curb-less shower because of the ingenious sloping of the floor to drain in the shower which is a nice back up to the toilet or sink in the event of a plumbing accident. Tasteful, Solid, wood-panel, pocket doors for privacy appoint the baths and some bedrooms. Attractive barn doors – of locally sourced poplar bark siding appoints one wall of the library as well as numerous other interior walls. On the second level we have a large laundry room with two high-end LG washers and dryers, folding table/counter as well as a prep sink with dishwasher. We’d call this a butler's pantry replete with counters of water-jetted granite lending a beautiful, pleasing effect. Beside the Butler's pantry is one more closet replete with adjustable shelving areas for adapting it to your purpose, ceramic tile floors – demonstrating once again every closet as a walk-in closet. All of the cabinets are finished in a light, pickled stain that is very appealing. The floors are a pleasing slate tile replete with a central, useful drain. Completely surrounding the second level is a large, completely 360 degrees covered wrap porch with entries from throughout this level to access the out of doors and enjoy a fresh mountain breeze. This is a floating deck on top of 4 inches of insulation to allow future enclosure if desired in the event 12,000 heated, finished feet is insufficient. But let’s enter the central space of the second-floor proper – the bar! Gracing the bar front is a large, stout oaken counter cloven from a native tree with adjoining sister piece appointing the adjacent wall. This is where the “wall of barn doors” slide closed for privacy in the library suite. In front of the barn doors a wine rack hangs from a soffit trimmed in barn wood leaving a very powerful effect of having arrived in the mountains. The bar service area includes a long counter replete with cabinets as well as an additional overhead wine rack above. Here the floor is an exquisite ceramic slate tile floor for convenience and cleanliness adjacent to large game room with pool table and adjacent hearth inviting you in from the cold. This is where you put your pool table and other parlor games. The tray ceiling with indentures adds a nice touch and is surrounded by glass patio doors with long distance mountain views and sunlight flooding in. The game room hearth area looks out onto the lower deck which is a two-story area to entertain guest while overlooking vast vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the South and Southwest. All along the railings are visually appealing, circular appointments in the center of each section containing a locally cut timber cross-section. You will revel as you notice throughout the home an array of commercial grade and highly creative light fixtures. They command your attention and add such balance to the more esoteric and refined 36-hue modern paint scheme. As the owner describes it – “This home is built in the tradition of ‘Rustic-Refined’.” There is nothing common about this home. As we complete our tour of this level, that has become apparent. The first bedroom on this level is completely handicapped compliant this is one of the few homes that you could step from your vehicle into a wheelchair roll to the elevator and never encounter a single step. And in the entire 12,000 square-foot home every bathroom has a unique lavatory with different countertop, different finish and different cabinet. Every floor contains at least one full bathtub. Every bathroom has an immaculate walk-in closet and every bedroom has its own private deck patio entrance. Let’s now climb to the main affair – the third level. Ironically one can walk into any of the first three levels depending upon where you park. Each has their own separate parking apron. This is the main living level and I would describe it as clearly the most theatrical of the spaces. Parking on the upper apron we would approach this level across the entry ramp arriving at the 360-wrap, enclosed porch protecting the main atrium. Inside of the porch double doors are two more 8'2" tall, three inch thick castle doors. Walk through these and look up to see a three-story bell tower with an exquisitely beautiful steel candelabra at the pinnacle crowned with 220-year-old tobacco barn timber basket in the apex. Look ahead and you look all the way through the home down a gauntlet that looks as long as a football field. You look through the great room and beyond two more 220-year-old timber frames admitting the spectacular solarium with stories of glass and mountain ranges fifty miles beyond. Appointing the entry hall is a gorgeous powder room with nice wood trim and gorgeous lavatory. Across the hall is a storage closet that looks like it's 15’ high with space for storage bins and huge racks (for all those seasonal decorating bins!). Moving from the 30’ high atrium we move into a more moderate architectural domain of 12’ high entry hall and 22’ high great room. The great room is separated from the kitchen and flanked by a massive, genuine, scraped hardwood tree that is appointed by a custom poured concrete bank on which flames a propane fire pit. The great room embodies the essence of this home which is contemporary rustic including 26 different hues of paint on sheet rock appointed by beautiful, genuine, natural material. Elements of farmhouse architecture and design pervade the kitchen. The kitchen dimensions are 38’ x 22’. The space is enormous including a casual country dining dining room that comfortably sits ten people plus another seven at the bar. The cooking center is a 9’ bank including eight gas ranges, a two- foot square griddle, two-foot square barbecue grill, four ovens, double warming drawers, separate pizza oven with French glass doors. The cooking array is of course entirely stainless steel set on a gorgeous, washed-granite backdrop. Don’t forget the handy pot-boiler. Who carries water? Refrigeration includes two stainless steel 36 inch LG double French door refrigerators with two freezer drawers below plus a 36 inch double French glass stainless steel door wine rack and three refrigerated drawers below the central Island. That’s cold! The far third wrap counter is a point with two deep dish double stainless steel farm sinks near conveniently placed stainless steel dishwashers. The central island is appointed by a beautiful thee-inch custom planed-tree, butcher block cutting surface. An overlooked feature is the sliding 30-gallon trash receptacle adjacent one of the sinks. The coffee service boasts a leathered granite counter surface as well as another double trash receptacle hidden below. The coffee center is hard-plumbed so there’s never a need to pour water. Notice that the floor between the island and the cooking center is a gorgeous slate granite. Above the cooking range is a massive 4’ x 11' custom exhaust hood with supply air vents ingeniously designed into the cooking range surface. In the corner of the kitchen lies a full pantry behind a beautiful glass French door. Surrounding the kitchen are 10 foot tall country finish cabinets and on the opposite wall the dining room as well. Here the cabinet doors are graced with glass inserts. I count 108 cabinets! Appointing here and there balancing the soft coziness of the country wood cabinetry are the massive steel and glass light fixtures in the dining room. This balance is not to be understated. Appointing the ceiling of the great room are two massive hammer beams replete with a large wooden and steel chandelier. Looking down on the great room is a large central window to the solarium appointed on both sides by barn board shelves and doors. Admission to the master suite is gained through an exterior barn door followed by an inner door for maximum quiet and privacy. Our first impression of the master suite is the massive twelve-foot tray ceiling hosting a large concrete and steel chandelier. On the south wall is a picture frame eye-level gas log fireplace. Above and below are gorgeous stone walls. Above the master bed are ships’ timbers appointed by twin vertical sidelight windows. Throughout is tasteful rustic crown molding and baseboard trim. One enters the master bath through a large dressing room tastefully appointed by another massive steel and glass light fixture. Mission style wood and glass cabinets grace the space. She will find an amply wide countertop and dressing stool for at the vanity. The glass in the light fixtures and cabinets are appointed with gorgeous bubble glass. The master bathroom boasts a dual in-floor heating system with one temperature for the tile floor and one for the shower. Moving through her space one arrives at his lav and separate water closet. The shower is a gorgeous ceramic tapestry of different textures and materials with gorgeous creek stone on the floor and on one wall band. Separate rain heads up on either side of the shower accommodate simultaneous bathing or mutli-directional spray. The bath cabinet drawers come up to easy level height for access without stooping or bending. Both lavatories are made from gorgeous hammered copper and sit upon beautiful granite. The master bedroom closet has separate his and her spaces in addition to overhead storage for luggage and other needs. Surrounding the master bedroom, bath and the entire main living level space is the finished, heated, 360° surround, covered porch. This outer enclosed porch is a panoply of multiple natural materials from poplar bark siding to massive wooden beams to 18” lap siding of 5/4” material. Appointing the main living level exterior porch are observation boxes perfect for enjoying that occasional cigar. Enhancing the HVAC system in the outer porch are dual mode controls. The four of these function mainly to mitigate humidity in summer as well as augment the floor heat. Sound system speakers are ubiquitous on the porch just as inside. The crowning the glory of the west end of this estate is the hammered-beam, multi-story, glass-enclosed solarium. Here, one is suspended fully above the Appalachian escarpment between North Carolina and Tennessee with views undulating to the horizon. On the coldest day of winter one can sit in the space warmed by the passive solar heating. Augmenting the sun of course is the same in floor hydronic radiant heat enjoyed by the rest of the home. Further appointing this space is an artistic and aesthetically transporting rolling gas fire pit that provides not only radiant warmth but visual beauty in the very center of the room. Centering the west wall are two double French doors admitting guests and friends to the outer deck overlooking the western ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. Looking up, your eyes will enjoy the massive, exotic, wooden and steel chandeliers. Gracing the west windows are translucent screens with remote radio-operated controls that block 95% of the sun’s rays but still enable one to see the mountains. Appointing both side spaces in in this room are two oversized tables, each capable of seating ten for endless, myriad uses and games. Last but not least, the fourth floor is a beautiful entertainment space used currently for the grandchildren. From the window in the upper level floor the view past the solarium produces the visual optical effect of an endless tunnel. The four bedrooms on this level each have their own private external balcony as well as their own private bath with walk-in closet and each one is finished in a separate theme. This concludes our tour of Autumn Ridge today. Would you prefer to descend the stairs or have me call the elevator? Take a ride on our drone for an aerial perspective of this majestic aerie: http://www.autumnridgenc.com/video/ . Below are the remarks posted directly to our fellow agents in the MLS: It is simply impossible in 1100 characters to even begin to describe this magnificent edifice. The owner was a commercial builder/developer in Florida who left no stone unturned in creating a thoroughly mesmerizing mountain masterpiece. Set at nearly the top of 5450' elevation Yellow Mountain this masterpiece commands a panoramic vista of multiple states along the renowned Appalachian Trail. Ensconced by 27,000 acres of Federal, State & Conservancy lands, your view and ambiance is natural and pristine in the extreme. Getting your mind around the astounding substance, quality and creativity that constitute this home is no easy feat and certainly not digested in one review. Our recommendation is to preview the photos and then visit the builder's web site for online blue prints and deeper technical information on the property. Of one thing we may assure you, for those capable of acquiring a home of this ilk, no finer residence will be found in northwestern North Carolina!

Bob de Camara
Title: Broker in Charge
Cell Phone: (828) 964-3499

Additional Information

Primary Features

Days on Market: 776
( Zone) Township: 13-Roaring Creek
Amenities: High Speed Internet, Hot Tub, Long Term Rental Permitted, Short Term Rental Permitted, Southern Exposure
Appliances: Dishwasher, Exhaust Fan, Gas Range, Refrigerator
Basement: Crawl Space, Full
County: Avery
Driveway: Private Gravel
Exterior: Stone, Wood
Garage: 2 Car, Oversized
Porch/Deck: Covered, Multiple, Wrap Around
Property Taxes: 6897.83
Property Type: Residential
Style: Adirondack, Mountain, Timber Frame
Subdivision: Yellow Mountain Preserve
Year Built: 2013
Zoning: Deed Restrictions,Subdivision

Interior Features

Attic: Floored, Pull Down
Fireplace: Three, Other-See Remarks
Half Baths: 2
Heat/Air: Air Conditioning, Attic Fan, Central A/C, Fireplace-Propane, Forced Air-Propane, Geothermal, Hot Water-Propane, Radiant-Propane
Hot Water: Gas, Tankless-Electric

External Features

Road: Private Gravel
Roof: Architectural Shingle
Sewer/Septic: Private
Water: Shared Spring
Windows: Double Pane

Financial Details

POA Fees: 275.00
POA Fees Paid: Monthly

Location Information

Fire District: Frank
Lot Number: 1A&B

Zoning Info

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